The Slender Blend helped these ladies lose up to 10kg!







Want to know how you can lose up to 10kg or more over a year?


The Slender Blend is the perfect way to kick-start your weight loss journey!


You can use The Slender Blend as a meal replacement shake, post-workout shake or healthy snack! 


It is ONLY about 200 calories per serving, packed with 24g of protein and low in sugar! 


As The Slender Blend is packed with so much protein, it helps you keep fuller for longer, and the low sugar content keeps cravings at bay.





Need more convincing than that?


Read the success stories of these ladies to see how YOU can lose weight using The Slender Blend!




Samantha lost 16 pounds overall over 4 months using The Slender Blend.


She said The Slender Blend has been her go-to protein powder for years now. She used this for Breakfast or Lunch times, and also to create baked oats and protein porridge bowls.

This is what Samantha said about The Slender Blend:
"The LOW Calorie and HIGH Protein content makes it GREAT for weight loss as it helps you stick to your calorie goals for the day, and the protein content makes you feel super full!"



"I started the 12 day ab challenge they sent me via e-mail and stuck to it! I also stuck to drinking The Slender Blend along side this. It was nice to have some sort of routine and structure when it came to attacking my ab region and diet!"




Katie Cox


I would recommend if you really need to cut back lose some weight.


Really stops you feeling hungry while getting all the nutrients your body needs. Really feel less bloated!


I have a shake for breakfast and lunch (made with water) healthy snacks and a normal dinner and this really helps me to slim down.


And most importantly the shakes are so tasty! No other shake on the market tastes as good at Protein World.




MRS Bell


This is my 10th flavour of The Slender Blend!

I love how easy these blend (even without a blender), the low calories it offers & the FANTASTIC flavours.


I’ve got the vanilla frappe Slender Blend recently - I love coffee & this does not disappoint.


Only thing I’d like is to bring back the sachets so I can try the flavours. But I definitely recommend this powder.




Lauren Picton


I thought I'd give The Slender Blend a try so I ordered the Cookies & Cream and it's honestly some of the best protein I've ever tried.


I was surprised by how yummy the shake was and how sustaining it is.


I can happily have one in the morning and one for lunch with nothing else until dinner.


The shake really keeps my blood sugar levels very stable so I feel calm and under control rather than starving hungry like I usually do!