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How to set goals and achieve weight loss success



By PW Nutritionist Aleena Khusro


Setting weight-loss goals can mean the difference between success and failure. Realistic, well-planned weight-loss goals keep you focused and motivated.


Set clear goals, track progress effectively and reward yourself for any progress made!

Unrealistic and overly aggressive weight-loss goals can undermine your efforts.


We're letting you in on some top tips on creating goals that will help you reduce weight and improve your overall health.



Find your WHY?


It’s important to know WHY you are starting this journey or else you will stop the second a little obstacle comes up.

Do you want to be healthier to prevent health conditions? Do you want to improve your overall wellbeing and fitness?

Write down all the reasons that matter to you so you can reach for these reasons whenever things get difficult. Referring back to this when you feel low can remind you why you started this journey which will help prevent you from falling off track.


The Slender Plan guide has a section where you can write the reasons for why you want to achieve what you are setting out to achieve. Whenever you start to lose motivation, read this list and think about what you will be working towards and this should give you a boost for pushing towards your goal.


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    Follow a structured meal plan and use a meal planner


    Weight loss can be a lot easier when you know which foods to incorporate more into your diet and which foods to limit. It is also helpful to know what to have for specific meals as it prevents impulsive snacking, ordering takeaways on a whim or eating microwavable meals.


    The Slender Plan gives you a structured day to day routine of what to eat for each mealtime. You can customise each meal to stop it from getting repetitive. Having a rough idea about the calories and macros of each meal is really helpful when it comes to seeing results.


    Use a progress tracker


    Although a lot of people do not agree with tracking apps, these can be a helpful way to track calories and macronutrient intake to help with weight loss.

    My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular tracking apps available to download on your phone. The app tracks both your nutrition intake and exercise, and helps log your meals throughout the day.


    If you don’t want to use an app, The Slender Plan comes with a fitness tracking section at the back of the booklet, which you can use to track your meals and water intake.



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    Measure your progress the right way


    Weighing scales have been used for years as an indicator of progress and health. However, they are not accurate when it comes to individual progress!

    The number on the scales takes into account not only fat mass but also muscle mass, water weight, height and bone mass.


    The best way to measure progress? Take transformation pictures every four weeks! This will help to visualise your progress which is extremely rewarding and satisfying! If you want to know specific measurements you can also measure changes in your chest, hips and waist ratio! 

    It’s also important to consider you may gain muscle while losing fat, especially if you’re strength training.


    Set small and attainable goals and build healthy habits


    An attainable goal is one that you have enough time and resources to achieve.

    For example, if your work schedule doesn't allow spending an hour at the gym every day, then it wouldn't be an attainable goal. However, two weekday trips to the gym and two weekend trips might be attainable.

    If a particular type of exercise, such as running, is physically too difficult for you, then running every day would not be an attainable goal.


    Also try to build healthy habits to set yourself up for success:

    • Make a workout playlist that pumps you up and gives you all the motivation you need
    • Buy workout wear that will make you feel good
    • Set your workout clothes out the night before you’re planning on working out or going for a run
    • Find a fun workout routine that works for you, map a scenic running route or find a workout buddy
    • Allow for setbacks, and identify potential roadblocks such as a big holiday or an office party
    • Always get right back on track after any small setbacks
    • Reassess and adjust your goals as needed - your goals may change slightly as you make progress in your weight loss plan


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