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There’s nothing better at the end of a long day than coming home and knowing that you have something mouth watering to eat for dinner. When you are trying to reach weight loss goals, the key is to keep meal times interesting to avoid craving what you can’t have. Healthy meals are easy and can actually be really fun to experiment with different foods and flavours, this will also help you to add variety to your diet which is key to keeping your gut and your immune system functioning properly. Switch up your usual go to recipes with these 5 healthy meals to make your mouth water!


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No Rice Sushi 

Bump up your veggie intake with these no rice sushi rolls. Replacing white rice with vegetables, avocado and peanut butter mean these bad boys have a high fibre content and contain healthy fats. The perfect option for a light dinner! View the recipe here.


lamb flatbreads


Lamb Meatball Pittas 

These lamb pittas are packed with protein and balanced source of carbohydrates. Lamb is a great alternative to chicken or beef. Not only is it a rich source of high-quality protein, it is also abundant in many vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Because of this, consumption of lamb helps contribute to muscle maintenance and performance. View the recipe here.



sausage casserole


Sausage Casserole 

This particular recipe is made with chicken sausages which are a great option as they are typically lower in fat and higher in protein in comparison to traditional pork sausages. Also using beans in this recipe increases the fibre content which can help to lower cholesterol. View the recipe here.

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Pesto Zucchini 

If you fancy a lighter version of your traditional pesto pasta, try switching to zucchini! Zucchinis are very low in calories and contain immune system-boosting vitamin C. They have a high water content which is perfect to keep you feeling full! View the recipe here.

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Sweet Potato Falafel 

When you have an extra bit of time on your hands, try this high protein vegetarian recipe! Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, B6, manganese, copper and dietary fibre. Paired with chickpeas which are high in fibre and protein, and contain several key vitamins and minerals, these falafels create the perfect balanced meal. View the recipe here.