Montana Brown making smoothie with Slender Blend


What Your Day Looks Like

By PW Nutritionist Aleena Khusro

One the most commonly asked questions about The 8 Week Challenge is "What does a full day of eating look like to achieve my weight loss goals?"

An important point we like to make about this challenge is that weight loss is not about severe restriction or depriving your body of food and essential nutrients. At Protein World, we want people to follow a sustainable way of eating to achieve their weight loss goals, so that the weight doesn’t pile back on and to avoid feeling trapped in a ‘diet’.

The 8 Week Challenge is our popular weight loss challenge where participants follow The Slender Plan to achieve their weight loss goals and to improve their overall dietary habits.

What is The Slender Plan?
The Slender Plan is our 4 week weight loss program, curated by PW nutritionists to act as the ideal track trainer to become a healthier version of yourself.
It comes with Protein World products to use throughout the week and weekends, as well as an extensive 80+ page weight loss guide which includes a diet plan, recipes, example workouts and progress tracker to help you log your journey!

Slender Pancakes with strawberries

So what do you actually get to eat, and how do you incorporate Protein World products into your daily dietary routine?

Let’s start with Breakfast! This is deemed by many ‘the most important meal of the day’ as it sets a tone and kickstarts our daily routine. With The Slender Plan you get to pick between two breakfast options - either our Slender Porridge or Slender Pancakes. Both breakfast options are packed with fibre, high in protein and low in sugar! They are a great way to start the day as they keep hunger at bay and keep you feeling full a lot longer.

We recommend having The Slender Porridge throughout the week, and topping this with some fruit of choice. If you find yourself getting bored of porridge every morning, our website and ‘Hub’ have loads of exciting recipes for you to try to spice up your breakfast bowls!

To give yourself what feels like a ‘treat’ you can have the Slender Pancakes over the weekend - don't worry these won't throw you off course as they're much healthier than regular pancakes and a firm favourite!

Smoothie bowl with magazines

Next…What’s for Lunch!? The Slender Blend! This meal replacement shake comes in 10 tasty flavours and is packed with 26 vitamins, minerals and pre and probiotics. It also contains our Protein World Thermogenic blend which works to boost your metabolism!

We recommend incorporating The Slender Blend into your favourite smoothies to have as a meal replacement for lunch! Our nutritionists have created perfectly balanced and nutritionally dense smoothie recipes, which can be found under the recipes section on our website as well as in The Slender Plan guide you receive as part of the challenge.

Pouches of Slender Baking Mix with brownies, cookies, flapjacks and muffins

"What if I get a bit peckish throughout the day?" Well you didn’t think we’d let you go without some delicious Snacks did you!?

When customising your plan, you get to pick from our versatile snack range, which includes:
- Mug Cake Mix
- Slender Baking Mixes: Brownie, Cookie, Muffin & Flapjack Mix
- Slender Bars

These snacks are calorie controlled, low in sugar and higher in fibre and protein compared to conventional supermarket snacks.

The Slender Plan guide also contains a week’s worth of meal planning which includes different healthy snack ideas you can get inspiration from! These include:
- Fresh fruit, dried fruit and frozen fruit
- Nuts & seeds
- Nut butters + fruit or rice cakes
- Oat cakes
- Veggie sticks & hummus or cottage cheese

Slender Pizza pouch with pizza on board

Finally, we have Dinner, which can often be the most tricky meal when it comes to taking part in this challenge. Families often come together to have meals, and this is the time of day we tend to consume our most calorie dense meals. One of the biggest points of the challenge is making sustainable changes to your overall dietary habits, including making dinner as healthy and calorie controlled as possible. An optimal healthy dinner will include a good combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

The Slender Plan includes our Slender Pizza Mix which will help to spice up your dinner times! This has about 50% less carb content than normal pizza mixes, preventing that excess fat gain! It also packs in about 30 grams of protein per serving and plenty of fibre which is extremely beneficial for gut health and your digestive system.
Plus, there is also a plethora of recipes available in both The Slender Plan Guide and on the recipe section of our website!