Can Coffee Really Make You Lose Weight? 



If, like the majority of PW HQ, you’re a coffee fiend then you’ll be rejoicing just as much as we are at the release of our newest addition, Slender Coffee! Now, we’ve already been helping ourselves to the delicious deep taste in steaming hot mugs at our desks, but what makes Slender Coffee so special you ask? Are there any health benefits? And does coffee really help to lose weight? Read on to find out.


The average person, particularly in western society drinks 3 cups of coffee a day, (unless you’re our Social Media Manager, who hits at least 4/5 ;)) And because of this, coffee is claimed to the biggest source of antioxidants in said society. Alongside being a great source of antioxidants what are the other benefits associated with coffee? Caffeine is the main component responsible for making you feel energized and awake after a strong cup! Caffeine blocks a neurotransmitter called adenosine, increasing the release of other neurotransmitters such as dopamine (the happy hormone) which give you energy! Result! Other benefits include a reduction of hunger feelings as caffeine is a well-known appetite suppression, for a short while anyway! Enough to tide you over until your next healthy balanced meal.



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    Can coffee help me lose weight?

    Let’s talk about the reason you’re all reading this blog. Can Coffee help me lose weight? Luckily for us, research suggests yes! As caffeine increases energy, even when you’re at rest, thermogenesis increases. This is the way your body generates heat and energy itself from digestion and burns calories just from this alone. There is also research out there to suggest that caffeine increases resting metabolic rate by 3-11% meaning your fat burning potential is also increased by 3-11%!


    So, as you’re all itching to grab your next cup of coffee to aid your weight loss, make sure you opt for Slender Coffee. Slender Coffee packs a punch with 120mg of caffeine per serving and is combined with PW’s very own thermogenic blend and green tea extract to maximise the fat burning potential and make for a stronger coffee! You can choose to have black or add a splash of your choice of milk to take the edge of! Want the same effects but don’t like coffee? Not to worry, Slender Blend and Vegan Blend also contain thermogenic blend and green tea extract for fat burning potential to increase your weight loss!


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    What is the caffeine limit in the US?

    • Note: The US recommended daily amount of caffeine is 400mg for an average adult. A cup of Slender Coffee packs a punch of 120mg per serving so do not exceed 3 cups a day! Too much caffeine can cause increased heart rate and blood pressure, body shakes and feelings of anxiety.


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