Here's Your Fitness guide to snatch someone’s heart...



Make this valentine’s day special by proposing any of these exciting and fit ideas to treat your valentine…


Firstly, set out a meal plan for the day, everyone loves a home cooked meal especially one made with love.





Valentine’s day breakfast:

Love heart shaped Slender Pancakes - Use our Red Velvet Slender Pancake Mix!

Love heart shaped waffled topped with strawberries - Use our Slender Waffle Mix and add in some red or pink food colouring!


Valentine’s day lunch ideas:

Heart shaped Slender pepperoni protein pizza - Use our Slender Pizza Mix!

Protein Pasta & Sautéed Spinach with Sun-Dried Tomatoes - Use our Protein Pasta!


Valentine’s day desserts:

Red velvet mug cake

Strawberry Slender Blend Waffles 

Jammy Biscuit Mug Cake



Secondly pamper yourselves…. 


Maybe you should schedule a couple’s massage, or if you are on your own, perhaps you should schedule massage just for you!


Or valentine’s day could be the day you take part in a yoga class. Yoga is so good for focusing the mind and relaxing that holidays always seem like the perfect time for a class. You could also try ‘hot yoga’ if you want to see whether your bae still fancies you whilst your sweaty. 


Get outside


Take part in some couple’s valentine’s day exercises in the park or at home to get the heart pumping

  • Squatted ball pass – squat down opposite your partner and throw a medicine ball between each other. 
  • Push ups with high fiving each over in between each one
  • Chair squat high five
  • Jumping lunges - Hold your partner’s forearm and make sure you communicate about which leg you’ll lunge forward first.
  • Side to side crunches- Take a crunch position with your feet overlapping each other. Then, lift your shoulders off the ground and pivot your upper bodies from side to side. Reach for your partner’s hand to maximize the range of motion.


And finally,

Did you know that couples who train together stay together?


Make a date for you and your someone special to hit the gym. There are plenty of workouts partners can do together and you can motivate each other to achieve your fitness goals.