Girls at a sleepover


By PW Nutritionist Aleena Khusro

Valentine’s day is cancelled… we’re all here for Galentine's day!

Red and pink are the most prominent colours all around you right now, and every store seems to be bursting with heart shaped chocolate boxes, rose bouquets and teddy bears. But who said these things are exclusive to the people who are all loved up?

The recent hype of Galentine's day means that it is totally acceptable to buy flowers and a box of chocolates for your best girl friends or even for yourself! Let’s make this February 14th all about the girls - we’re talking movie marathons, lots of baking, pampering, pizza and of course wine and giggles! No tears about being single at all!

Girls blowing kiss

1. Round up your single girl squad and invite them over for a girl’s night in. Face masks, manicures and baking… oh and don’t forget to crack open a bottle of wine or two! Spending valentines with your besties will leave you feeling the love and support you need.

2. Start your day with a stack of heart shaped pancakes or a Valentine's special Slender Smoothie! Follow our sexy slender Valentine’s day smoothie recipe to really get into the Galentine's spirit!

Girls eating cake

3. Host a Pizza & Pyjama party! Slip into your cute matching valentines themed pyjamas and bake some Slender Pizzas together. See who can make the most photogenic valentines themed pizzas – post these on your Instagram stories and do a poll to pick a winner! Here are our top 3 slender pizza recipes.

4. Have a Galentine's bake-off! Can’t find any heart shaped cookies or brownies that are in your favourite flavours? Grab the Slender Baking range and bake up a storm with your girls… just make sure you don’t burn the kitchen down! Get creative with your Slender Cookies, Brownies and Muffins – make them heart shaped, add in some natural pink or red colouring and ice them with cute little hearts!

Woman in bubble bath

5. Pick a couple of chick flicks and have a soppy movie marathon. “Valentine’s Day”, “He’s Just Not That into You”, and “P.S. I love you” are just a few film ideas in our extensive list. Enjoy your movie marathon while feasting on your Slender Pizzas and Slender baked snacks – delicious and absolutely guilt free!

6. Have a pamper night on your own – get a bath bomb, put on a face mask, slip into some cute silk pyjamas, light some candles and put on your favourite playlist. Microwave yourself a gooey chocolate mug cake – perfect for those of us who can’t be bothered with the whole baking shebang!