How much weight can I lose using The Slender Blend?








Our Slender Blend is our best-selling low calorie shake


It has already helped thousands of you reach your health and fitness goals, whilst doing it in the most delicious way imaginable!



With it being such a versatile protein powder, available in over 10 delicious flavours, this is a weight loss & fitness MUST HAVE.




LOW in Calories, Packed with FLAVOUR



The Slender Blend is ONLY 202 Calories on average per shake (when mixed with 400ml almond milk).


However, even though they are SO low in calories, our Slender Blend shakes pack in SO much flavour.


With flavours such as Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Biscoff and NEW White Chocolate, there is truly something for everyone!



Packing in the protein

Essential for muscle maintenance, growth and repair, protein is a key ingredient in our shakes.


The original Slender Blend contains 23g of protein from whey, whilst our Vegan Slender Blend contains 27g of plant-based protein.



Say NO to added sugar

We believe you’re sweet enough as you are!

The Slender Blend contains NO ADDED SUGAR!


This helps keep your blood sugar levels stable and cravings at bay. This is also perfect for maintaining or achieving weight loss!





How will replacing Breakfast or Lunch with The Slender Blend help you lose weight?


Weight loss is a result of creating a calorie deficit. You can create a calorie deficit simply by eating slightly less calories than you burn. 


As The Slender Blend is LOW in calories and packed with protein, this helps you consume less calories and keeps you feeling full. This also reduces your snacking tendencies and overall calorie intake.


A GUT Feeling

Healthy digestion is key to looking and feeling your best.


Therefore, we’ve focused our efforts on making sure our Slender Blend is easy for your body to process; two key digestive enzymes help your body breakdown the carbohydrates and protein in the Slender Blend, whilst pro- (good gut bacteria) and pre-biotics (food for good gut bacteria) provide an added boost of gut-healthy goodness!



What sets our Slender Blend apart?



The true secret to our Slender Blend success is that, unlike many other protein shakes, it has a comprehensive nutritional profile, meaning it can be used either as a meal replacement, snack or post workout shake.


The combination of all the above factors helps you hit your goals; whether that be weight loss or acing your next sweat session. A* worthy indeed!