You can burn over all fat and boost your mental health JUST by walking!





If you're trying to manage your weight, lose weight or just improve your cardiovascular health, walking is extremely useful!





What are the benefits of walking?






Improved heart health




Boosting mental health




Beating obesity 




Maximising your NEAT

- What is NEAT? 




Non - Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (aka NEAT) is the energy expended for any other activity besides proper exercise and sleep. 




Walking and general movement throughout the day all contribute to your NEAT. 


Going for walks a few times a week can help burn over 200 calories. This all adds up to a substantial caloric deficit with minimal effort.





THREE top ways to burn MORE Calories while walking






1. Speed Up


Make sure you're not walking at the same pace every day. At least a couple of days a week, try to walk faster during your entire workout. 





Keep your steps short and fierce.





2. Add some weights





Add some hand or ankle weights when you walk! This adds resistance to your centre of gravity and increase the intensity of your walk.




Make sure you keep your chest up and shoulders back.





3. Incline walk




Make sure you aren't walking on a flat terrain the entire route. Try to take a route with hills or where you can walk with incline.





If there are no incline walks near you, hop on a treadmill and put the incline up to 12 - this will really have your heart pumping and the calories burning.