How to Get Back on Track After an Indulgent Weekend






Looking for a way to get back on track after an indulgent weekend of eating ALL THE THINGS?



If you follow our top tips, these will have you feeling better than ever and bounce back in no time!





Food guilt is most certainly not talked about enough. 


It's a real issue that many women and men struggle with, especially those of us who have a history of going on restrictive diet plans, are currently on a weight loss journey, or are very 'health focused'.


What we tend to forget is that our bodies are amazing and we can bounce back fairly quickly after a weekend out of our regular routines. 


It's important to remember that celebrations are a normal part of life and ITS OKAY to indulge and enjoy the good times and good foods in life, even if they might not be that good for your weight loss routine!



So here are MY TOP TIPS to feeling better after an Indulgent weekend...





This should be a major priority throughout an indulgent weekend, as well as when getting back on track. 


If you’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol, eating meals packed with sodium or just not focusing on your water intake, you’re likely dehydrated!


Our body needs water to process and clear waste — think of water as a literal flush to your system and drink up.

Pro Tip: add some fresh squeezed lemon to your water. It will help with digestion! 





2. Get back into your regular workout routine!


It’s so easy to fall out of routine when it comes to workouts so make the conscious decision to jump right back in!


You don't need to go over-board with the workouts and aim to burn double the calories you would normally burn to 'make-up' for it. You don't need to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes straight. You don't need to spend 2 hours at the gym dragging your legs around. 


That first workout back might be tough during the process, but you’ll feel so good afterward. Need some workout motivation? Grab our FIT guide which contains a plethora of amazing workouts and can give SO much structure to your gym workouts!



3. Eat WHOLE foods


You've more than likely splurged on things like a Dominoes pizza, multiple bowls of cheesy pasta or mountains of cake. And that's OKAY! In fact, all of that sounds absolutely delicious!

However, after a weekend of indulging or eating a ton of sugar it’s likely your body might still be craving heaps of food or sugary treats.

To keep yourself full load up on single-ingredient foods with a mix of lean protein, healthy fats and fiber - rich carbs like veggies.

If you’re still craving sugar and need a fix, opt for fiber-rich, low-sugar fruits like berries to satisfy the craving, or even a fibre packed Mug Cake as a cake replacement! 

You could even have a simple Protein Bar that makes in both protein and fibre, to keep you fuller for longer and satisfy some cravings!





3. Sleeeeeeeep



If you find yourself feeling sick after a long weekend of indulgence, it's more than likely due to a lack of sleep or quality sleep! 


It's so essential to get back on track with your sleeping habits!


Sleep is king when it comes to good health and maintaining your weight loss goals!


There are SOOO many benefits of adequate sleep:


  • Improved attention and concentration 
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Keep your heart healthy
  • Keep your immune system strong
  • Look after your mental health
  • Reduce your stress levels