How To Get Back On Track Using The Slender Blend











Is your motivation to train starting to slowly fade? Have your weight loss efforts started to plateau? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Consistency is one of the most important factors allowing you to achieve long-term results, yet this often the thing that people struggle with the most! However, at Protein World we have developed a number of key weight loss products which will help you get over the slump and back on track. Although we offer a number of great products, one of the key products that we are going to discuss in this blog is our Slender Blend.




The Slender Blend is our most popular protein powder and has a number of beneficial characteristics which will allow you to get back on track with your weight loss efforts. Firstly, The Slender Blend has a high protein content, with over 20g of protein per serving! This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient, allowing you to feel fuller for longer. As a result, a high protein diet therefore allows you to reduce general snacking throughout the day as well as keeping your cravings in check! A reduction in snacking will therefore lead to a reduction in your overall daily calorie intake, thus allowing you to stay on track with your diet and weight loss efforts.  




As well as being high in protein, The Slender Blend is also a convenient, on the go source of nutrients. These shakes can therefore easily be implemented into a busy lifestyle! Simply add 4 scoops of powder, mix with 400ml of Almond milk or water based on your preference and shake, it is as simple as that! Getting all of your essential nutrients has never been so easy! Using our Slender Blend allows you to avoid opting for snacks that are high in sugar or fast food, keeping you on track to smash your weight loss goals.





In addition, The Slender Blend is available in a wide variety of tasty flavours, therefore ensuring that you will find a flavour that you absolutely love. As a result, using the Slender Blend allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty or diverging from your diet plan.



Finally, The Slender Blend also contains a number of specially formulated blends such as our Thermogenic Blend! This blend consists of a combination of Green Tea and Guarana Extract. These particular ingredients have been shown to have a number of weight loss benefits, including boosting your metabolism. This is beneficial as a faster metabolism allows you to burn more calories at rest throughout the day, thus allowing you to enter a calorie deficit more easily, contributing to weight loss.