Motivating Morning Routine!





Some days getting out of bed isn’t appealing. If you don’t have anything to get you going, establishing a morning routine helps with productivity, purpose, and mood!



Rise and shine



Waking up at an earlier time is an essential part to a fab morning routine! It helps your body get into a good circadian rhythm.



It also means you’ll go to sleep earlier and get a great night’s sleep! Waking up early is also good for your mental health, it can improve your mood, focus, and reduce the risk of depression.


So, don’t forget to set your alarm to get your morning going!



Get up and go



Making your bed first thing in the morning is a simple way to boost your mood by going into the day already having an achievement!


Having a tidy room is not only nice but it can also aid productivity and is one less thing to worry about!


Remembering to enjoy the little things can help you feeling grounded and grateful!


Another quick win can be drinking a glass of water when you get up. It will increase your energy, improve your metabolism, and help keep you hydrated!



Get your juices going



An essential part of your morning routine is making sure you have energy. Whey protein isolate provides results fast! It contains 33g of protein with less than one percent of sugar and fat per serving! As well as helping build and maintain muscle fast and includes the complete amino acid profile.


A shake is a great way to get you energised for your day ahead with a flavour for everyone. You can also take care of your daily fruit and veg by making a delicious smoothie which is high in fibre and protein. 





Sweat Your Best



Pick your preferred workout and enjoy it! Now that you’re energised, you’ll be able to get the most out of it.


Working out in the morning means one less thing to worry about during the day and feeling good when you finish your day. It’s also a great way to kickstart your day because it helps with optimism, focus and your eating habits.


Don’t forget to drink lots of water so you can stay hydrated while you sweat. Showering after your workout is soothing, great for your skin and helps your muscles recover! 




Protein breakfast



Another great option for a magical morning routine is having a protein rich breakfast. Some delicious options are our Slender Porridge, granola, or pancakes, all are high in protein and low in sugar!


Having a high protein breakfast is not only good for your mood but can also aid in weight loss or maintaining weight! Our high protein breakfast options can also be paired with Slender Day Tea.


The fusion of green tea with yerba mate, liquorice root and natural nettle and peppermint extracts helps with hydration and is anti-bloating!


Slender Day Tea is also lightly caffeinated which will give you a great morning energy boost while feeling refreshed!






Author: Pippa Blumhoff