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Must try new launches at Protein World



If your goal is weight loss without torturous, bland eating, look no further. Old favourites are back with new, mouth-watering flavours that you cannot afford to miss out on! These are the new, high protein, low calorie essentials that you can’t go without when entering a calorie deficit.


Frappe, Bubblegum and Birthday Cake flavoured…

Slender Blend! A whopping 23g of protein and low calorie to keep your calorie deficit on track. More importantly, The Slender Blend is a vital component to your gut health through its digestive enzyme and bacteria blends which promote a healthy gut microbiome and ensure that your body is absorbing all the vital nutrients it should be. It’s high protein content makes it perfect for snacks, smoothies and even as post workout shakes that will help you to feel fuller for longer when in a calorie deficit and allow for muscle development and growth! These new flavours are launching very soon so keep your eyes peeled!


    plan your meals in advance


    Plant Based Slender Pancakes

    Normally we think of pancakes as a cheat meal that will destroy all our progress, especially when we’re in a calorie deficit trying to lose weight. Enter Slender Pancakes. The recently reformulated pancake mix is now plant based, boasting only 170 calories per serving as well as being high protein and low in sugar. They are arguably our most versatile breakfast… Let’s face it, who doesn’t love pancakes with their favourite toppings? Especially those that won’t hinder your fat loss goals but rather provide your body with tasty, low calorie, nutritious fuel for breakfast. Our Slender Pancakes are now available in Red Velvet, Vanilla Choc Chip and Double Choc Chip only to make choosing a flavour of this essential so much harder!


    New Indulgent Protein Bars


    If you’re a snacker, these are screaming your name. Why opt for a snack that doesn’t aid your calorie deficit? The White Chocolate Almond and Milk Chocolate Almond bars serve as the ultimate on the go snack and are low calorie, made in a brownie style with over 10g of plant protein per bar with natural dates, Can anything sound more tantalising?


    Plant Based Mug Cakes

    Ready in 2 quick minutes with an unmistakable, delicious, gooey middle and cakey outside. Our Mug Cakes are not just your average high protein, low calorie dessert. The 127 calories keep you on track with your goals as a great source of protein to not only help you feel full and build muscle but also soothe those sweet tooth cravings you get whilst in a calorie deficit. By popular demand, the new Plant- Based Mug Cakes are available in delicious chocolate and vanilla chocolate chip flavours.


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    Sometimes one treat is not enough, try a bundle



    It’s way too difficult to choose from all those delicious flavours so the only option you’re left with is the Celebration Bundle to get your hands on the Red Velvet, Birthday Cake and Chocolate flavoured Mug Cakes. The Baked Oats Bundle now also available will aid your calorie deficit and help make your kitchen smell incredible through a guide filled with decadent, high protein, low calorie recipes and your choice of Slender Blend and Slender Porridge.

    Make the most of your new treats!



    Whether you’re a snacker, looking for a sweet treat or want more options for your breakfast our new releases will all contribute to a high protein intake as well as facilitate an overall calorie deficit. But with all that deliciousness it’s going to be hard to control yourself and not eat all of it in one go!



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