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By PW Nutritionist Grace Scott


2020 – the year of event cancellations. If like myself, you have had your running event postponed or cancelled that you’ve been training hard for (I was supposed to taking part in the Hackney Half Marathon!) it can feel a little dis-heartening, BUT, as today is National Running Day we propose you don your best running trainers and head out anyway! Here we discuss our best tips, running podcasts & exercises to support your running! PS: we have already discussed the best way to fuel your run – head over to this here!


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Tracking your Run

There are so many apps out there that claim to be the best at tracking your run. Most use GPS, some use heart rate monitors and some even show you an estimated number of calories burned making tracking your progress all that bit easier.  Our recommendations include:

  • Strava
  • Map my Run by UnderArmour
  • Nike Run Club
  • Garmin Running Watch
  • Couch to 5k


Audio Inspo

For me, I hate running to music, some people love it but it’s just not something I can get on board with; I find myself counting how many songs have played and thinking ‘oh god I’ve only been running for 3 songs and I’m not even at the park yet!’ It makes it feel more like a chore. However, running whilst listening to a podcast, that’s something I am on board with! I get lost in the conversation and settle into my run much easier! My favourite’s at the moment include:


*Table Manners with Jessie Ware and her mum Lennie – these two are hilarious and invite a celeb over for a chin wag and home cooked meal, even during lockdown they’ve kept up the tradition and conduct their dinners over zoom! Recent guests include; John Legend, Joe Wicks and Ellie Goulding!


*Happy Place with Fearne Cotton – ideal for a calming podcast, topics revolve around mental health, finding happiness and life in general! Recent guests include; Daisy May Cooper, Kelly Jones and George Ezra!


*Well Far: The Running Podcast with Mags Creative & Amy Lane – now this one is much more running focused: the hosts breakdown barriers to running to help you achieve your best run yet, this one doesn’t use celeb guests but instead focuses on a topic each week. Recent topics include: Pre & Post natal running and How to come back from an injury. Definitely worth a check out!


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Exercising to Support Running

It’s important to remember that training outside your run is just as important as the running itself; strong muscles, particularly the glutes, quads and calves will make that run feel much easier. Our in-house PT Lara gives us her fave strengthening exercises here, you can do them bodyweight or make them harder by using weights or resistance bands.


* Walking Lunges – great for quads

* Box Jump – great for increasing power

* Sumo Squats – great for glutes

* Regular Squats – great for quads

* Romanian Dead Lift – great for hamstrings

* Calf Extension – great for calves

* Plank – great for core strength



Don’t forget to warm up! Activation of the muscles before a workout is so important and applies to strength training and to running. Be sure to stretch out after a run, including those hip flexors - forgetting to do so is likely to hinder your progress and make you feel stiff!

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We’d love to know your favourite running tips, podcasts & routines! Get in touch via advice@proteinworld.com or tag us on Instagram @proteinworld