Woman doing yoga at home


By PW Nutritionist Grace Scott

Okay, so you’re probably sick of hearing the word Coronavirus, and in the midst of a lockdown called by the prime minister earlier this week, the tension around the UK at the moment is palpable. So! We at PW HQ have put together our favourite ways to practise self-care during this time and we thought we’d share these with our Protein World Community, give them a try!

“Exercise is key for me, a lunchtime workout keeps me motivated and gives me half an hour away from my desk”
Lara, New Product Developer

“Turning up the tunes and having a dance is the ultimate de-stressor”
Aleena, Nutritionist

Woman dancing on bed

“I like to unwind after a day working from home with a puzzle or board game with my housemates”
Sagar, Graphic Designer

“High protein snacks keep me full to avoid boredom snacking while working from home!”
Sam, Head of Retail

“Half an hour yoga after work helps me switch off from the day so I can enjoy my evening”
Emma, Head of Brand

“FaceTiming a friend or family member really helps me feel connected to people, you can share a glass of wine over video chat right?”
Ellie, Customer Relations Manager

 “I find having something to look forward each day makes me feel good, even if it’s small! Like walking my dog with my partner on our one outing of the day”
Anna, E-commerce Manager

So, there you have it, straight from the PW office or should I say our separate self-isolation spaces! Disconnect from the workday by doing a home workout like Lara, yoga like Emma or if like me, you just like to watch a film with whoever is in your household, anything goes! As long as you following government guidelines of course!

Karina Irby with baking collection

The best way to cope with this change at the moment is to think of it as the ‘new normal’ – try to keep a routine, prioritise sleep and think of it as an opportunity! Now you have more time to read that book you’ve always wanted to read or learn that skill you’ve always wanted to learn! You can even bake those sweet treats too – courtesy of Protein World. We are still delivering as normal and our baking range includes muffins, brownies and cookies! Don’t forget to tag us in your creations @proteinworld.