Protein Shakes: Good for Weight Loss?









Each 40g scoop of Slender Blend is packed with 150 calories of perfectly blended protein, carbs, fats and fibre.


It’s made from pure Whey Protein Concentrate, contains all 26 essential vitamins & minerals that help keep you healthy, including vitamin B12 to support your metabolism.



Why Slender Blend is the Perfect Choice



A balanced meal a shake away



Our Slender Blend has been created is a comprehensive meal replacement shake that’ ideal for any diet.


High in protein and low in carbohydrates and sugars it’s now a staple supplement in the cupboards of people looking to lose weight.


Each Diet Meal Replacement shake is also made with our renowned flavours. What this means is you get a science-backed diet meal replacement shake that not only supports your nutrition and training goals, but it tastes amazing too.


Finally, whilst our Diet Meal Replacement shakes are available in a range of flavours which includes Vanilla Ice Cream, Choc Orange and Choc Brownie, we will also be looking to expand the ‘menu’.


If you have an idea for a flavour, or just want a Diet Meal Replacement in one of our current flavours, take to social media and let us know!



What Is The Slender Blend Shake?



Our Slender Blend has been the catalyst for 1000s of men and women, helping them to lose weight and stick to their nutrition plan.


What’s the secret?


Well, we’ve combined the latest cutting-edge sport science ingredients with our best in class protein blend to create our complete meal shake that is light years ahead of anything you’ll find on the market today.


What makes this shake so popular though is the flavour, whether you play it safe with our much loved milk chocolate or venture out with a cheeky choc orange, you’ll be joining the taste bud party.


Why is flavour so important? Well at Protein World we understand dietary adherence better than anyone else in the industry. What does this mean?


It’s the simple act of enjoying your food when on a “diet” and it should never be underestimated. This is because the best diet in the world is useless on paper if you can’t stick to it.


Which is why each Slender Blend shake flavour is the result of months of taste and texture trials, which has raised the flavour bar for all protein shakes.




Does The Slender Blend Work?



If you’re looking to lose weight, then a Slender Blend shake is a simple and easy weight loss shake that will help you to shed those unwanted pounds. How?


Well as explained in our Weight Loss Basics Guide, to achieve weight loss you need to be in a calorie deficit, in a nutshell that means consuming less calories vs the amount of calories you burn.


On average, a meal will contain 500-700 calories, whereas our Slender Blend shake is a tiny 200 calories in comparison, saving you upwards of 300 calories whilst still providing a wealth of vitamins, minerals and most importantly flavour.


Sounds good so far, but we know what you’re thinking “With so few calories I’ll be hungry straight after. ” This is where the magic and years of formulation and re-formulation of Slender Blend Geniuses comes into play.


They’ve designed an optimal protein blend that brings together the perfect balance of slow and fast release proteins. What this mean is it combines naturally with the fibre already held within our Slender Blend Shakes to help you feel satiated and full.




Benefits Of The Slender Blend




Simple and convenient weight loss shake, that provides a complete meal replacement when used as part of a balanced diet.


A great source of essential vitamins and minerals to contribute to gut function and the immune system.


200 Calories per shake, helping you to sustain the calorie deficit you need to achieve your weight loss goals.


Naturally low in fat, our Slender Blend has been slimmed to down to just the essential nutrients and is packed with flavour and weight loss innovations only.


Available in OVER 20 insane tasting flavours