You have a big night out planned. The outfit is ready. The reservation has been booked for weeks. The girls are ready to catch up. The drinks will be flowing. You know the scenario. 

And the hangover is already haunting you … 

Well, what we do before we even take the first sip of the night is key here.

Prevention, prevention, prevention. We’re all for being proactive: with our health and our hangovers (or lack of). Do these three things before drinking to (hopefully) help rule out a gnarly hangover in the morning.

They aren’t foolproof “no hangover” hacks, but they will make the next day way less miserable.


Stock up on electrolytes.

Electrolytes are minerals essential to balance our body’s hydration. Make sure your fridge is stocked with an electrolyte-heavy drink!

Start drinking it the morning of your night out by adding it to your water and continue to do the same the next a.m!



Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day


Whether you're sipping on a Slender Blend Smoothie throughout the day, or sipping out of our 2L water bottle, keeping your body hydrated throughout the day of your night out will save you the misery of the next morning!



Have a Bowl of Our Healthy Hearty Protein Pasta!




Lining your stomach before heading out for your big night out is KEY! NEVER SKIP DINNER!

This can help prevent getting drunk too quick and the combination of carbs and protein in your meal can really keep you in tact throughout the night and this will REALLY make a difference the next morning!