Keep Portions in Check When Working From Home












Working from home and balancing your diet can be a difficult one to navigate at times.

With easy access to your fridge, snack cupboard and pantry, having control over snacking can become tougher.

BUT, this doesn't necessarily have to be the downfall of your diet!

Here are our top tips on how to stick to a structured dietary routine even when working from home...



Measure out your portions!

Be aware of how much you are eating and control the portion sizes you are consuming - this is a very powerful weight loss or weight management tool or even weight gain tool!

When people eat straight from large packages of foods and beverages, they tend to eat more! When you're at home, you may find you have more opportunity to eat more and eat out of bigger packs! Remember to portion out your snacks onto a plate or into a bowl, and pour your drinks in a glass!

Portions are very personal, so remember that this will look different for everyone depending on your personal goals!









1. Serve yourself

The best way to The best way to determine your portion size is to do some measuring. With time, you’ll train your brain to serve up the right amount automatically. Start by putting the amount of, say, popcorn or pasta that you would usually eat into your usual bowl or plate. Then... 

2. Size it up
One of the benefits of working from home: Easy access to measuring cups and spoons. Measure or weigh your portion using cups or a scale. Now you know how much you’re actually eating.

3. Track it
Use your WW app to find the PersonalPoints value. (Hint: The barcode scanner on the My Day screen is great for finding packaged foods.) How does this impact your Budget?

4. Decide what works
Does this portion work well with your Budget? Remember that you can bulk up any meal or snack with your ZeroPoint™ foods. By using a little less pasta and adding lots of sautéed veggies instead you can enjoy a delicious dinner that’s lower in PersonalPoints.

5. Use your hand

You've got a great portion estimator at hand—literally. Use the guide below when serving up portions. Of course, hands come in all sizes. If you are curious about how your hand size measures up, test out your estimations at home and compare with the portions from measuring cups.