Top Protein World Products To Get Fit & Tone Up









Are you looking to optimise your performance in the gym by increasing your cardiovascular fitness & strength? Do you want to increase your lean muscle mass? Well, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out what products we recommend to achieve these particular goals...




The first product that we would recommend for getting fit & toning is our Whey Protein Concentrate. Protein is a really important macronutrient to consider as it plays an extremely important role in promoting muscle growth as well as repairing muscle fibres. The stress our muscles are placed under during resistance exercise results in micro-tears in our muscle fibres which need to be repaired.



Protein plays an important role in this recovery process and is the number one substance that helps repair these muscle tears, allowing you muscles to become bigger and stronger. As such, protein plays a huge role in allowing you to recover in time for your next training session, therefore allowing you to train more frequently and thus optimise your results in the gym!



In addition, protein has also been shown to preserve lean muscle mass during periods of calorie restriction, therefore Whey Protein Concentrate is beneficial in allowing you to tone up whilst retaining the muscle mass and strength you have worked so hard to achieve!




In addition, another product that we would recommend is our Creatine. Creatine supplementation acts by increasing phosphocreatine stores in the body, this is important as phosphocreatine is a key component in the production of ATP, a major source of energy for high-intensity exercise!



As a result, creatine supplementation allows you to optimise high-intensity exercise performance, therefore allowing you to improve characteristics such as strength & power. Additionally, creatine has also been shown to increase both short and long-term muscle mass growth and is widely considered as the most effective muscle-building supplement available on the market!




Lastly, our pre-workout is another great product that we offer! One of the key ingredients within this product is caffeine. Caffeine has been associated with a number of benefits including significantly improving exercise performance as well as reducing levels of exercise induced fatigue.



As a result, our pre-workout can be used to optimise your training sessions, therefore allowing you to achieve more efficient results! Furthermore, this product also contains IBCAA, this is beneficial as BCAA’s have been shown to reduce levels of exercise induced muscle soreness and damage!


This is therefore beneficial in preventing DOMS and thus allowing you to function at 100% for every training session, ensuring you get the most out of every session.