1. Prioritise & Catch Up on SLEEP


No better time to catch up on your sleep than on the Weekend!

There is a lot of research to support that people who don't get enough sleep tend to consume more calories during the day.


Lack of sleep leads to an increase of the hunger hormone - this means you feel more hungry throughout the day, and you are also more likely to reach for high calorie, higher sugar foods. 


Your energy levels are also a lot lower when sleep deprived, so you are more likely to eat foods that are higher in sugar to give you an energy boost!


Make sure you get between 7-8 hours a sleep each night.


Other sleep tips? Keep bedtimes and wake times consistent (even on weekends), make sure your room is dark, and don't look at screens 30 minutes before bed time. Don't consume caffeine after 4pm at the latest and watch alcohol intake.



2. Eat more Lean Protein


Eating more protein helps you lose weight quicker and more easily! Why is that? It takes your body a lot more energy to break up big protein molecules into amino acids to be absorbed. As more energy is used to break down this food, this in term burns more calories naturally. 


Lean proteins are also A LOT more filling at lower calories as they take your body longer to break these molecules down. 

So fuel up on the protein and ditch the high sugar/high fat foods!


Some great options from Protein World?

Slender Blend Smoothies

Slender Mug Cakes 



3. Drink Smart


If you can't ditch fizzy drinks, swap to sugar-free versions! 

It may not be the ultimate healthy choice, but it's definitely beats the sugar and calorie filled regular fizzy drinks, especially if you're drinking anywhere between 2-3 cans a day.


Also try to swap FULL FAT MILK for skimmed milk or almond milk. There's not much compromise on flavours but the macros make a huge difference!


When it comes to ALCOHOLIC drinks, stick to lower calorie and lower sugar drinks, why not try some of our cocktails under 100 calories: 




4. Don't skip weekend workouts


Even if you're trying to have a weekend of pure 'relaxation' try to make time to fit some form of activity in to your day!


Whether it be going to the gym, going to play sports with your friends or going out for a run/hike; at-least one form of activity is beneficial to keep your metabolism boosted and keep you burning fat over the weekend.


If you're hitting the gym on the weekend, try to incorporate weight training and HIIT into your workout routine. This form of activity is perfect for burning extra fat, and to keep calories burning even after you have finished your workout!




5. Try Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting is an effective way to control how much you're eating throughout the day.


This is a form of fasting that limits the window of time when you consume food. There are lot's of different types of intermittent fasting, a very popular one is the 16:8 fast.


This involves fasting for 16 hours, majority of which are spent sleeping, and then eating in the 8 hour window. 




6. Snack healthier and snack smart 


"I'll just have one biscuit..." often leads to scoffing down a whole packet of biscuits in under an hour!


We've all been there! However, snacking mindlessly is dangerous for your waist-line, even if it's just over the weekend.

Our LOW CALORIE snack recommendations from Protein World:


Slender Mug Cakes - ONLY 130 Calories (on average) per mug cake!

Slender Bars - ONLY 180 Calories per bar AND 10g of protein

Slender Blend Shake - ONLY 210 Calories (when made with almond milk) AND a HUGE 20g of protein

Slender Brownies - ONLY 116 Calories per brownie!