Slender Weight Loss Story Episode 3



Samantha's Journey



"Following Protein World's workout challenges and incorporating their delicious products has done wonders for my weight loss journey! I've lost about 16 pounds in just under 4 months!"


Want to know how Samantha lost 16 lbs over 4 months using her favourite Protein World products? Read below!


How did Protein World help you with your journey?

"I started the 12 day ab challenge they sent me via e-mail and stuck to it! I also started using some of their products along side this. It was nice to have some sort of routine and structure when it came to attacking my ab region and diet!"


Which are your favourite Protein World products?

"I used the very popular Slender Mug Cake Mix a lot, The Slender Blend as my go-to protein powder and The Slender Pancake Mixes!"



How does The Slender Blend aid in weight loss?

The Slender Blend is a LOW CALORIE, HIGH PROTEIN Protein Powder.


It's packed with lots of vitamins & minerals, which makes it easy to drink as a Breakfast Meal Replacement, or a great addition to oatmeal, smoothies or anything your heart desires!


The LOW Calorie and HIGH Protein content makes it GREAT for weight loss as it helps you stick to your calorie goals for the day, and the protein content makes you feel super full!



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