Slender Weight Loss Story Episode 7




Chloe's Journey



Chloe lost 4 stone over this last year! WOW!

"I can't believe I've lost OVER 4 stone over the last year! Thanks to Protein World's amazing product range (especially the mug cakes) I can have delicious foods and still lose weight!"

Want to know how Chloe achieved her amazing weight loss transformation and the Protein World products she recommends? Read below!





How did Protein World help you with your journey?

"I lost over 4 stone over the course of this last year! It was a hard year for everyone but I really took the time to prioritise myself and work on me for me.
I feel I have a much happier and healthy mindset about weight loss.
I used Protein World products ALL throughout my journey. I couldn’t fault them in any way, they are soooooo tasty!!
The mug! They make you feel like you’re getting a proper good dessert!"

Which are your favourite Protein World products?

"The Slender Mug Cakes are just exceptional! These are a go-to dessert option for me now and I can see why so many people rave about them!
There are SO many flavours which means there is the perfect flavour available for everyone! 
From banana bread to biscoff, whatever dessert you like there's a mug cake flavour for it!"

What advice would you give someone starting their Weight Loss Journey?

"Stay consistent and do it the healthy way! Make sure you are in a calorie deficit but don't over-do it and make sure you are eating enough to keep your metabolism high.
Also try making a weight loss/fitness instagram account. I used my Instagram account @calorieswithchlo as a platform to help others during their weight loss with helpful low cal recipes is something I really enjoy!
I also found Protein World's instagram account @proteinworld super helpful for motivation and delicious healthy recipes"
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