Slender Weight Loss Story: Episode 8



Megan's Journey





"As an aspiring paramedic, it was so important to me to drop the pounds and gain confidence. Protein World have helped me lose 30 pounds and become the best version of myself!" - Megan




When and Why did you start your Weight Loss Journey?



"I started my weight loss journey last year after really struggling with mental health and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).



I created a weight loss instagram page, and started logging my journey on a weekly basis. 



Over the last year I've lost 34 lbs! I am honestly over the moon with my progress and how far I have come in a year!"



Your favourite Protein World products?




"I use Protein World products on the DAILY! My favourite products include:


    • Slender Porridge


    • Slender Blends


  • Slender Granola



My favourite things to make include a bowl of Slender Porridge topped with fresh fruit AND Slender Smoothie Bowls using the Slender Blend and Slender Granola to top!"



How did Protein World help you with your Weight Loss?




"I've been training in the gym for about 6 months now, and can say I am a truly new found fitness lover. I love how Protein World's products allow me to support both my weight loss AND fitness goals!



All in all, I've lost 34 lbs, tone up and gained so much confidence! Thank you Protein World!"