Slender Weight Loss Story: Episode 9





Nikki's Journey





Nikki Bastable, Survivor of auto-immune disease: Graves Disease, shares her inspiring weight loss journey where she dropped 6 sizes with the help of Protein World!

Read all about it below!





When and Why did you start your Weight Loss Journey?



"I was in a really bad place in my life where I was binge drinking, eating pizza every evening, and just not caring about my health whatsoever.



I was trying all sorts of diet fads after being guilted by the binging I was doing but they are failed miserably. 



I then discovered Protein World and their amazing supplements. These supplements fully changed my diet and my eating habits."





Your favourite Protein World products?



"My absolute favourite product hands down is The Slender Blend! There are SO many flavours of The Slender Blend, so I can make SO many different types of smoothies, baked oats bowls and smoothie bowls!



I also really like the Slender Mug Cakes (who doesn't!). It's the perfect guilt free treat and once again there are SO many flavours, there is truly something for everyone!



I create lots of healthy recipes and document what I'm eating over on my instagram at @nikkita_bastable."








How did Protein World help you with your Weight Loss?



"I started having The Slender Blend Shakes for breakfast or lunch! This was the perfect meal replacement for me as it kept me full for a long time but also gave me the energy boost I needed in the mornings or afternoon.



I also fell in love with having proper breakfasts. Some of my favourite breakfasts include making Baked Oats with the protein world Slender Porridge, having the Slender Mug Cakes for breakfast and also having Slender Smoothies using the Slender Blends.



I also started training in the gym or at home 5 days a week! I had never done this before, but it made me feel so much more in control of my life and my health. Having all the protein world supplements also really helped support my workouts.



Protein World also saw my weight loss journey, and reached out to me to become an ambassador, which was a dream come TRUE! 

All in all, I went from a size 16 to a size 10 in 18 months! I've lost 6 sizes and also have toned up so much. I've never felt so strong and happy!"