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By PW Nutritionist Grace Scott

Government advice has been released pleading that everyone that can work from home should: to avoid unknowingly passing on the virus even before symptoms have appeared. With many of us now self-isolating and working from home it can be difficult to keep up your daily routine and to avoid snacking whist lounging on the sofa with our laptops.

If you subscribe to our emails you would have seen our store cupboard essentials update, if not, not to worry we can keep you in the loop here! Our range of essentials will keep your cupboard topped up and provide nutritious food during this working from home period. These include, our Slender Pizza mix which you only need oil and the toppings of your choice, our Slender Blend, Slender porridge and our Slender pancake mix, all of which only need water or milk to make!

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Whilst working from home take a lunch break! Just as you would at work, it’s a good de-stressor to get up and away from your computer screen. Making a smoothie, baking from our baking collection or rolling out a pizza we’ve got you covered. The more routine you keep in your day the less out of sorts you’ll feel! Visit our website for a bucket load of free recipes!

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It’s also important to try and stay as active as you would be if you were leaving the house getting your steps in and still going to the gym. Many gyms and independent fitness classes have reduced their opening times and lots of users have decided to avoid them altogether in fear of catching or spreading COVID-19. But it’s not all doom and gloom! Many high profile celebrity trainers have offered to live stream workouts via socials at no cost to raise people’s moods and get those endorphins released! These include Joe Wicks, who posted on an Instagram post “Exercise gives you energy. It will lift your mood and and mental state and make you feel good.” Results with Lucy’s channel devised by Lucy Mecklenburgh are too getting involved so get searching online and you can find a home workout in less time than it takes to say Corona Virus.

The main thing to remember is to stay connected, stay positive and stay healthy! Never has a time before had such a need for Facetime, Skype and texts but staying connected will help stay positive. We can all only do our best; wash your hands, social distance yourself, eat nutritiously and be active!