The Slender Plan


By PW Nutritionist Aleena Khusro

It’s a new year! Christmas is a distant memory and we can no longer use the holidays as our scapegoat for eating badly…It’s time to get back on track!
January is the perfect time to chuck any bad eating habits out of the window and get that fresh start we have all been craving.
Protein World has you covered with a great addition to your new year’s resolutions list that will make eating healthy a lot easier and a lot more delicious: The Slender Plan.

One of the back bones of weight loss is creating a sustainable eating routine and developing habits you can maintain for a long period of time. The Slender Plan helps you achieve just that! It is the ideal track trainer you need to become a healthier version of yourself. This 4-week weight loss guide, curated especially by our PW nutritionists, will have you noticing that ‘new year, new me’ glow in no time.

Not only does the plan come with PW products for you to use throughout the week and on weekends, you get exclusive access to an extensive 80+ page weight loss guide which includes a diet plan, recipes, example workouts and a progress tracker to help log your journey.

With some exciting new additions such as the Slender Pizza, Slender Pasta, Slender Granola and our PW mug cake, our nutritionists have made this 4-week period inclusive of some of your food favourites. So instead of feeling deprived and ‘hangry’, you’ll be feeling cleansed and energised!

Dividing your day up into 5 parts, the plan ensures your metabolic rate remains boosted. Research shows that spreading meals throughout the day keeps your digestive system active which is very beneficial for achieving significant weight loss, and also prevents binge eating.


Breakfast includes Slender Porridge or Slender Granola – both of which are packed with fibre, high in protein, and low in sugar! These products are a great way to start the day as they keep the hunger at bay and keep you full a lot longer.

Our slender blend smoothie recipes are created by our nutritionists to be an ideal meal replacement for lunch. The slender blend is packed with 26 vitamins, minerals and pre and pro biotics. It also contains our Protein World Thermogenic blend which works to boost your metabolism!

The extremely versatile snack range, including our new PW mug cake, is perfect for when you get peckish between mealtimes. These snacks are calorie controlled, low in sugar and higher in fibre and protein as compared to conventional supermarket snacks.

Finally, our new PW slender pizza mix and Slender pasta will help spice up your dinner times. Each of these has about 50% less carb content than normal pizza mixes and pastas, preventing that excess fat gain! They pack in about 30 grams of protein per serving and plenty of fibre which is extremely beneficial for gut health and your digestive system.
With a plethora of recipes available in our slender plan guide as well as on our website, dining will never feel dull again!

So why the Slender Plan? Well, as compared to the never-ending fad diets out there, this plan is a lot more sustainable for the long run as it is easy to incorporate into your daily life and includes nutritionally beneficial products which are so easy to use and prepare!

With a step by step guide acting as your weight loss best friend and our nutritionists only a phone call away, we highly recommend the Slender Plan for starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle this new year – you can thank us later!