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Time to Talk: Mental Health Awareness with Protein World

 By PW Nutritionist Steph Evans


Time to talk is your day to encourage everyone around you to talk about mental health. Each year focuses on a theme, with 2021 being: the power of the small. Just a chat, a gesture of appreciation or gratitude towards loved ones can help improve the moods of people around us. This year it is more important than ever to reach out to those struggling around us. Encouraging these uncomfortable conversations can help break the stigma in mental health, increase mental health awareness and remind everyone it’s okay not to be okay – you are not alone!

Remember, the power of one small chat with a friend can have. Sometimes it’s all it takes to make someone on the verge of breakdown feel like there is hope at the end of the tunnel!


Even though social distancing is still in place, this doesn’t have to mean we should distance ourselves emotionally. Mental health affects 1 in 4 of us worldwide and is the main reported burden from the disease; so now more than ever, it’s time to get connected with your friends and family who you aren’t  with physically right now. 


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    1. Use Zoom!

    Now I know we’re all sick of the name Zoom, bur with 2020 seeing the greatest use of video calls across the world, we should be making the most of this web app both in the workplace and at home to break the stigma in mental health. We suggest hosting virtual coffee breaks, chats or even yoga events in the workplace to give people some time out to catch up and talk about something other than their job – allowing them the chance to talk about their feelings!

    At home, get creative with your friends. Why not host an online movie night or baking competition by hosting your very own virtual bake off using some of our delicious, easy to make Baking Mixes. This can be great for those living alone, who can then have time to talk instead of spending their evening in front of the TV.


    1. Exercise

    Not only is exercise great for your health, but it can also help raise your self-esteem and have a short-term positive effect on mood (thanks to those endorphins!) This isn’t about spending hours in the gym, but finding an activity you enjoy to take part in! 

    You may not be able to go to your regular classes with friends but you could host online workouts (with the help of YouTube videos) or why not grab a FIT guide to complete with a friend? If you are new to any activity, then maybe just go for a walk with a neighbour or do some gentle yoga which can be a perfect way to unwind!


    1. Learn a new skill

    A great way to lift spirits is by picking up a new hobby or skill! This doesn’t have to be anything big like learning a language or completing online courses. Maybe you just decide to get into cooking or painting! This is a great way to keep yourself entertained when alone but can also help you build a sense of purpose and connect you to more people! 

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      1. Practice mindfulness

      If you are someone who tends to get anxious thinking about the future, or events which have already happened, then practicing recentering yourself in the present moment can be really beneficial. Not only does this stop catastrophizing events you have no control over but can positively affect the way you approach challenges in life. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be in the form of hours of meditation or yoga, instead try a book or simple breathing exercises to keep you focused on the ‘now’. If you do find yourself struggling to sleep at night, then a warming mug of our Slender Night Tea just before bed can do wonders to help you relax and unwind. It contains natural plant extracts including Valerian Root, Chamomile and Lemon Balm which are proven to ease anxiety and promote a restful sleep.


      These ideas are just suggestions based on what some of HQ find enjoyable – but remember everyone is different so find little things you enjoy the most! 

      Take care of yourself, make “you” the priority and take time off when needed. Most importantly, don’t forget to speak out and let people know when you are struggling as no one needs to cope alone! This is your time to talk, we’re listening on and let’s work together to increase mental health awareness and break the stigma for our future generations. 


      If you or a friend are finding things tough right now, here are a few contacts you can reach out to for help:

      MIND: 0300 123 3393

      SAMARITANS: 116 123

      REFUGE: 0808 200 0247

      B-EAT: 0800 58 58 58