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By PW Nutritionist Aleena Khusro

The last few freezing months have been deservingly spent indulging in comfort foods and copious amounts of hot chocolate. But with the warmer months edging closer and that beach holiday just a mere few months away, the pressure to lose weight and get that ‘summer bod’ might be creeping up on you.

You most certainly should not set unrealistic goals for yourself or let this pressure get to you! Instead, the main focus should be about establishing a healthy routine so that along with weight loss you feel confident and comfortable.

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If you have no idea where to start your weight loss journey and find yourself struggling to break out of the winter habits, you’re not alone!
Try the following tips to help kick-start your weight loss journey…

- Write down your current weight and goal weight. Make sure this is realistic! Don’t set yourself the impossible of losing 20kg in a month – this is extremely unhealthy and almost impossible for our bodies to achieve without damaging our metabolism.

- Take before pictures – progress pictures are a must do when it comes to weight loss! They put things into perspective and paint a much clearer picture of your success than scales!

- Log your food – food diaries are a great way to track eating habits and break bad eating patterns which may be costing you your weight loss success. This will hold you accountable for everything you’ve eaten. If you don’t want to do it the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper, there are plenty of apps like ‘My Fitness Pal’ which will allow you to log your foods.

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- Draft up a healthy food shop list on your phone and situate yourself with the healthier food sections of your supermarket. If you know to avoid the crisp aisles, then you are more likely to resist the temptation of throwing in a packet of crisps (or four) into your trolley.

- Clean out and organise your fridge and cupboards. The chocolates and biscuits have to go I’m afraid! The less of these things you have around you and at home, the less tempted you will feel to grab a high fat snack. Instead, swap these out for our Slender Cookie, Brownie and Muffin Mix, and a few packets of Mug Cake Mix!

- Be public about it – create a fitness Instagram or post little bits on your story about your progress and healthy recipes! If you make Slender Pancake stacks or delicious Slender baked treats, be sure to tag us on Instagram @proteinworld – we would love to see and repost your creations.

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- Don’t severely restrict yourself from your favourite foods - just try to create healthier versions of them! Craving pizza? Grab the Slender Pizza Mix and make your favourite pizza with some fresh ingredients!

- Fit working out into your routine and keep it consistent – figure out what time of day you prefer to go and workout. It’s all up to you and see what’s best for your schedule but remember to give yourself plenty of rest days!

- Remember that it takes time and be kind to yourself! Weight loss does not happen overnight. Sustainable weight loss takes time, commitment and involves being kind to your body.