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By PW Nutritionist Aleena Khusro

Whether it’s because Kendall Jenner was walking into her favourite LA café in baby pink leggings or the yearly resolutions to hit the gym on the regular, athleisure has made its mark in the fashion world and is here to stay.

Active wear as everyday wear has almost become the norm – we see people wearing it to grab coffee in the morning, around the office or even on date night!

The rapidly growing wellness phenomenon or the desire to get that ‘just been to my yoga class’ look at brunch has led to fitness fashion becoming ridiculously overpriced – 80 pounds for a pair of leggings? Might have to sell a kidney here.

But wait, don’t start selling any of your organs just yet! Turns out you can still look cute in active wear at affordable prices! The explosion of the athleisure trend has prompted more high street brands to expand into workout gear.
Here is the scoop on some of our favourite cute, comfy and cost cutting athleisure wear right now. So, grab your PW Shaker and get ready to slip into a pair of trendy leggings.

Woman in the gym

Okay, hear us out! We know that Primark doesn’t always have the best rep for quality, but they have most certainly hit the nail on the head with their activewear range. They offer a variety of colours and designs on their leggings and sports bras, which are surprisingly stylish and comfortable.
They are definitely more suited to lighter workouts compared to intense HIIT sessions, however we can confirm that their seamless leggings are squat proof! We would recommend them for a light Pilates or yoga class – don’t forget to bring your yellow hearts Protein World water bottle with you to add to the trendy look, oh and to stay hydrated of course!

We forever put our trust in missguided when looking for a cute night out dress, or tops to wear on a daily basis. So, for stylish sportswear that doesn’t break the bank, we would obviously turn to Missguided. Their activewear looks trendy and sexy which really works to give you that confidence boost and motivation you need in the gym! Their matching leggings and crop tops set them apart from other activewear out there. Even better news? You can totally get away with wearing the leggings or crop tops out to a brunch date with your girls!

Girl in workout kit looking at view

H&M is already a key stop on many shopping sprees, but how many of you have ventured to their sportswear section? Not a lot of people would think to stop by one of our favourite stores for good workout pieces, but trust us when we say this, check out H&M for some workout gems. If you can’t spot them in store, they have all of their activewear available online. The leggings are breathable, comfy and squat proof – you can expect great quality all round! From HIIT to yoga, they stock pieces to suit a plethora of exercises! You can even wear their trendy leggings out to dinner or for a pizza party at home making some Slender Pizza.

Woman on a walk

You may be familiar with Grace Beverly, the famous lifestyle youtuber turned fitness guru. She is the founder of the athleisure brand TALA, which is currently very trendy on Instagram. Their high-performance designs and clothing fit for all sizes set this brand apart and make it seriously popular amongst young women. The leggings, shorts, crop tops and bras are all made from 92% upcycled materials, and all of the packaging is recycled as well as recyclable! Our Slender Blend pouches are also 100% recyclable – so grab a Slender Blend and a pair of TALA leggings and transform into an earth loving fitness babe!

Woman in orange top and black leggings

This may be the priciest one of the list, however they are definitely worth every penny – and they don’t completely break the bank!
Trendy designs and fabric with a luxurious feel that supports your intense workouts, this is definitely a top tier brand when it comes to athleisure. Their leggings can be incorporated into a cute outfit to wear out shopping, out for dinner or drinks with your friends or even curled up on your sofa watching films with a PW mug cake in hand! Be sure to take some cute Instagram shots in these!