- By PW Nutritionist & NPD Specialist Jacob Ward 





Are you looking to get fit and lose weight but struggle to find time to exercise alongside your busy lifestyle? You’re not alone!



The main barrier people face to exercise is a lack of time. So what if I said you could overcome this barrier with one simple form of exercise?



Now I’ve got your attention… The answer is HIIT training.



So, what does HIIT stand for and what does it entail? HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and involves repeated bouts of short, high intensity intervals which are followed by a period of recovery.


These intervals can last anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes in length and are usually done at between 80-95% of your max heart rate. This explains why it is called HIGH-INTENSITY!




So why is HIIT such an effective training method for helping you lose weight and getting you fit? All will be revealed in the following few paragraphs…

Firstly, HIIT is one of the most efficient forms of exercise that you can do! Most HIIT sessions last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes in length.



Yes, you can achieve results in as little as 10 MINUTES! The short nature of HIIT sessions means that you can easily integrate them into a busy lifestyle. Despite the short length of HIIT sessions, they have been shown to produce a vast array of health benefits such as improved cardiovascular fitness at almost double the rate of moderate-intensity exercise such as running.




On top of this, HIIT training has also been shown to burn 25% more calories than other forms of exercise!



This shows that contrary to the general consensus, you don’t need to devote an hour a day to exercise to see those results that you’re looking for.

Additionally, another benefit of HIIT is that it increases your metabolism after training to a greater extent than other forms of moderate-intensity exercise.




An increase in your metabolic rate is beneficial as it allows your body to burn more calories at rest, therefore making it easier to achieve a calorie deficit.



In order to further optimise your metabolic rate & your bodies calorie burning potential, we recommend using our Shred Thermogenic Fat Burner alongside HIIT training!



This product functions to further increase your metabolic rate and ultimately further increase the amount of calories you burn while at rest! Thus, combing HIIT training with our Shred Fat Burner is a perfect combination for achieving a calorie deficit, and subsequently losing that stubborn fat.

Although HIIT sessions are relatively short compared to moderate-intensity exercise, they are very strenuous in nature and therefore and important consideration for HIIT is recovery!



In order to optimise your recovery, we recommend using our Shred Whey Protein, so you are ready to go again for your next session.



Protein is hugely important for repairing and rebuilding muscle fibres which are damaged during exercise, therefore the 32g of protein in the Shred Whey is essential for allowing your body to be optimally prepared for your next workout!




Not only does protein help with recovery but it also plays a major role in weight loss. Protein is highly satiating and therefore a protein rich diet leads to a reduction in appetite, snacking and therefore a decrease in overall calorie intake!


So, to summarise… HIIT is associated with a number of benefits including greater time efficiency, an improved metabolic rate & greater cardiovascular fitness. And that is why HIIT will get you FIT!



 - Jacob Ward, Nutrition & NPD Specialist





"Born in the Cotswolds, I'm a lover of exploring the outdoors, whether that is on my bike or running ! As a former county cricketer and academy rugby player I have always been keen to optimise my performance, this has encouraged me to continue to develop my physical attributes since the age of 16 and has sparked my love for anything nutrition related."