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Summer is fast approaching and before you know it the long bank holiday weekends packed full of cocktails with girls, Euro football beers with the crew and less clothing will be thrust upon us! So now is the time to GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER. Whether you want to drop a few pounds, tone up, or feel fitter for the running event you might have booked we’ve got you covered!


Ways to Calorie Burn

The easiest way to increase your calorie burn is to increase your NEAT. This is non-exercise activity thermogenesis, sounds confusing right? Well, it’s not! Put simply it’s the calories you burn when you’re not doing exercising, little things each day which can add up and all contribute to calorie burn. Still a little unclear? Check out ‘Can I increase my metabolism’ to improve calorie burn.

Smaller things to increase NEAT?  

  • Hit 10,000 steps a day
  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator
  • Make a standing desk rather than sitting
  • Get off the bus 1-2 stops earlier



    slender collection helps losing weight



    Making Smart Choices


    The KEY to successful journeys to hit your goals is smart choices! It’s not all about cutting things out and missing out on social occasions, we’re here to tell you, you CAN enjoy life’s little luxuries, without compromising!

    • Consumption increases drastically during the warmer months so smart choices is the easiest way to deal with the increase! Opting for lower calorie options means you can still enjoy but you’re not over consuming liquid calories.

      Check out below for a lower calorie example list.

    • 1 average (175ml) glass of white wine – 133kcal
    • 1 pint of lager - 134 kcal
    • Single gin and slimline tonic - 52 kcal
    • Single vodka, soda water and lime – 54 kcal
    • Margarita – 176 kcal
    • Mojito – 158 kcal
    • Swap ‘full – fat’ soda drinks (not actually full of fat but packed with sugar!) for ‘zero’ versions
    • Warmer weather means ice cream! Halo Top, Alpro and the ice-cream giants Ben & Jerry’s all stock low calorie options OR if you don’t want the pricetag of those, check out our DELICIOUS low calorie ice cream recipes.

    Slender Banana Ice Cream Cups

    Peanut Butter & Banana Ice Cream

    Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches



    Still enjoy what you want with Slender Faves

    High protein, low calorie and low sugar, what more could you want?! The high protein keeps you fuller for longer AND aids muscle growth. The low sugar means you won’t raise blood glucose levels leading to an energy spike and ALL are low calorie! Slender Mug-Cakes, Slender Pancakes and Slender Blend come in a variety of delicious flavours so you’re guaranteed to find one to suit you! Plus, there’s even plant-based alternatives for the vegans of the world!


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