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How to fuel your run 

By PW Nutritionist Grace Scott

With all gyms closed, no more bootcamps and your favourite spin class cancelled for the foreseeable, it’s no wonder that many of us are now turning to running outdoors in our allotted one hour of exercise allowed by the government as our main form of exercise. And with so many new runners joining the army of already dedicated marathon, half marathon and 5k’ers out there, we’ve asked; how do we properly fuel our runs?

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Pre-Run Fuel

Before your run it’s imperative to make sure your glycogen stores are full! Glycogen is the stored form of carbohydrates in your muscles and liver, when we run it’s these stores your body uses when glucose (the readily available form of carbs) is all used up. Research suggests that the best time to consume these carbohydrates is 3-5 hours before a run so that some of the digested carbs have a chance to be converted and stored ready for you to use at a later time! Consuming a small carb snack in the hour before your run as well will also increase the delivery of glycogen from your liver to your muscles so think a piece of fruit, flapjack or even a small bowl of cereal!

Lots of carbs? This all sounds ideal right? Be careful which carbs you are choosing as not all carbohydrates are created equal. Foods that have a high glycaemic index (foods that spike your blood glucose levels quickly) are digested quicker than foods with a low glycaemic index – meaning you’ll be hungrier sooner and your energy levels will be hard to maintain. Eat smart and stick to low glycaemic index foods that will lead to stable energy, so think wholegrains over sugary donuts! For an extra boost try our pre-workout 20 minutes before your run, guaranteed to give you energy!

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Post Run Fuel

Post run fuelling is the most fun in my opinion! There’s nothing I love more than coming back from a long run and cooking up a delicious brunch! For optimal recovery post run, a combination of protein and carbs is best, not to mention plenty of fluids! It’s likely you’ll be very dehydrated after a run so this will contribute to how hungry you are feeling as thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger!

30 minutes post run is the best time to consume your meal as your muscles are most receptive to replenishment. If you don’t like to eat straight after a run, try a protein shake within the 30 minute window [we recommend our Slender Blend or WPC] and eat a little later, ideally within 2 hours after completing your run. Your glycogen stores will be empty after providing energy during your run so it’s essential to replace them now! A wrap or pitta is a great option, filled with some protein ideally! Try to squeeze in a bit a vitamin c too – great for an anti-inflammatory effect after the stress on your joints! 

See below for how our products can help fuel your run!


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Pre Run –
A bowl of Slender Porridge with fruit and a glass of orange juice


A PW Flapjack with fruit


For fasted cardio: PW IBCAA+

Post Run –

A PW Shake with a tuna and avocado wrap

For more information and personalised advice on fuelling your run contact our nutritionists on advice@proteinworld.com